Vehicle Inspections

Established in the United Kingdom in 2008, Aluk Motors Limited (09319156)brings the necessary technical ability and experience to conduct pre-shipment inspections. Aluk Motors is a 100% independent organization holding contracts with both government and non-government organisations    around the world. Aluk Motors inspectors are fully licensed and experienced, and are provided with on-going training and education throughout employment.

In overview Aluk Motors ltd provides the following services:

  • Structural, mechanical and safety inspections
  • Roadworthiness inspections
  • Vehicle photo service
  • Radioactive contamination assessment
  • Vehicle valuation and appraisals
  • Odometer inspection and verification
  • Engine fuel injection verification for Singapore (Japanese exported vehicles)
  • Documentation verification and authentication (including stolen vehicle check)
  • Translation services
  • Consulting services

Aluk Motors ltd is a Company of British origin with a core business of pre-shipment inspection of motor vehicles. We have an in-depth knowledge of the motor vehicle inspection industry and are equipped with technology that provides high quality and efficient inspection services.  We have inspection facilities in all the major ports of the UK. In particular our main sites service Southampton, Tilbury, Dover, Immingham, Portsmouth, Hull and Belfast.  We are also equipped to provide pre-export inspection services from other global export markets including Libya.

Our inspection service destinations include:

The Bahamas
St Kitts and Nevis
St Lucia

Sth Sudan

•Libya Inc (Tripoli / Bengazi Port) 

•Jamaica Kingston